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Compost Technologies, LLC is a Green Cover Seed distributer for the San Luis Valley.

Nebraska-based Green Cover Seed offers seed to growers across the country. The family-owned company provides a plethora of resources for cover cropping, companion cropping and soil health building practices.

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San Luis Valley Seed Mixes


Green Manure / Cover Crop Mixes 

Green Manure/Cover Crop mixes include warm and cool season grasses and broadleaf plants. These diverse mixes are grown to build soil health while conserving water. In addition, green manure/cover crops offer livestock forage and beneficial insect/pollinator habitat.


Nematode Suppression Cover Crop Mix

Fight Columbia Root Knot nematode issues the natural way with a green manure cover crop mix designed to reduce the population of harmful nematodes.

Featuring proven species with high levels of glucosinolates, this cover crop mix builds soil organic matter while reducing nematode populations. Best results occur when maximum vegetative growth is achieved and then green manure biomass is shredded and incorporated into the soil in a rotation ahead of potatoes.


Grazing Mixes

Grazing cover crops is an efficient way to cycle nutrients on a farm and to provide livestock with a quality food source.  


Flowering Mixes

Flowering mixes are incorporated into farms to promote beneficial insects pollinator habitat and plant diversity. 


Companion Mixes

Companion mixes are comprised of legumes that are interseeded with cash crops with nitrogen fixation, beneficial insect habitat, weed suppression and ground cover. In addition to legumes, the mix can include plants that have the ability to make phosphorus available to the cropping system.  

Cow grazing cover crops
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