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Compost Technologies, LLC combines several biological products to create liquid BioBlend™, a fertilizer suitable for certified organic and conventional farms. 

BioBlend™ is inoculated with large populations of beneficial bacteria and fungi to heal and foster life in the soil. It also provides a carbon-based complex food source to support the life while stimulating the beneficial biology already present in the soil. Its unique synergistic effect results in not having to rely on one input. When used in conjunction with a conventional fertility program, it increases fertilizer efficiency.  When used in an organic system, it complements other biological farming management practices like composting and cover cropping. 

In the San Luis Valley, potato growers are experiencing a reduction in nematode pressure after using BioBlend™ on their fields in addition to improved packouts. Barley growers are seeing enhanced root systems. Greenhouse producers are harvesting healthier and uniform crops.

Custom blends are available.

BioBlend™ is sold in bulk and delivery is available to some areas. 


What is a biological fertilizer?

A biological fertilizer contains living microorganisms that introduce and feed soil biology. Healthy soil biology improves carbon cycling and nutrients available to the plant. 

A chemical fertilizer is inorganic. It is at least partially made from synthetic origin and designed to target a plant's needs, not the needs of the soil and its biology.

Is BioBlend™ enough?

BioBlend™ can make a difference in a conventional farming system, but it thrives in a diverse farming system, one that includes cover crops, grazing and compost applications. When used with other biological inputs, BioBlend™ is maximized because the soil's biology is alive.


BioBlend™ Boosters are additional products added into the BioBlend™ mix by request. 


Coral Calcium 

Coral Calcium is biological form of CaCO3 that is loaded with 74 trace elements. The booster is 100% bioactive and 41% calcium. Its nutrients are highly available to the plant. Coral Calcium is foliar and soil applied, running easily through a medium drip with a purge. 


Super Fifty

Super Fifty is a highly-concentrated alkaline seaweed extract. The booster is an extreme stress reliever that promotes root growth and soil bacteria counts with no residue. It is recommended to apply during early plant growth to reduce stress.


BioBlend™ applications ultimately depend on your soil's health. The recommended base application is 30 gallons per acre every 2 to 3 weeks, starting at planting and ending at row closure. 

BioBlend™ is filtered for planting and chemigation, and is functional in a drip system down to 120 microns. 

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