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Compost Technologies, LLC takes extra time and makes extra turns to ensure its compost is stable and meets USDA National Organic Program standards.

Utilizing "waste materials" like Colorado-sourced manures and San Luis Valley barley straw, Compost Technologies, LLC delivers a nutrient-rich product. Custom compost is available as well as add ins like lime, gypsum, soft rock, BioBlend and other biological inputs.

To guarantee availability, please place orders six months in advance.

Bulk quantities are available by the ton.

Compost Technologies, LLC will spread compost within 70 miles from Center, Colorado.

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Why compost?

Compost is a significant source of organic matter, which supplies carbon. Organic matter improves soil and plant efficiency because it changes the soil's physical properties, resulting in a stable source of energy for beneficial organisms through an enhanced soil nutrients reservoir.

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